Rupaul's Dragcon 2018




RuPaul’s Dragcon celebrates the LGTBQ community offering an all inclusive and creative space , welcoming people from all over the world. Founders RuPaul and World of Wonder Productions showcase a gag-worthy three day event including their best drag performers, extensively curated panels  and over 350 exhibitor booths.

As a huge admirer of drag and Rupaul’s drag race this could be by far one of the most eye opening experiences I ever wrote about. This event keeps getting bigger and bigger, or you can ask the 50K + attendees during this year's edition.

This was Oz and bitch I was fuc"$%g Dorothy.


5 lessons that made me UNHhhh


1. Don't blame the editing

From Party City to poking the bear. Rupaul's drag race has one the best editing teams in the herstory of reality television. Those moments that left us gagging every week are sometimes counterproductive to the image of the queens , as we tend to create a narrative that sometimes is an "illusion". For example, I was intimidated before meeting Violet Chachki for the way she was portrayed on the show, but after exchanging some words with her, she turn out to be one of the sweetest and most approachable queens I met the entire weekend. Don't get me wrong some of the queens are exactly as you can expect, but I will let you judge for yourself.

I had the opportunity to spill some HOT TEA with Miss Congeniality Latrice Royale . We were discussing about the current problematic with newer generations of queens: sense of entitlement . I asked her what the young generation of queens should learn from the old school and experienced ones. To what she replied: I have a LOT of things to say, are you writing this? PATIENCE , they think because they look cute that’s it there’s no more room to grow. They forget you need to keep on learning new things everyday to become what you want to be. In conclusion, you can edit yourself as much as you want, but do not do it for the wrong reasons, stay true to yourself and that is what will take you wherever you want to be.


2. Meatpacking District, L.A

Let's talk about hunks for a seq shall we? This doesn't require a lot of explanation on my end, just take a look of these boys below. Featuring the creator of Andrew Christian and the studs you can find around the convention. 


3. Dragcon... TAKE MY MONEY!

SPOILER ALERT! : Bring some cash! Dragcon is the ultimate shopping experience and can definitely hurt your pockets. From wigs to creamsicle balls scrubs, artwork to makeup, the variety of options is endless! And yes, all the RuGirls are offering their merchandise personally at their booths.

On the other hand, if you are looking to booze up your DragCon experience, like to kiki with some cocktails, you have the chance to as they have alcohol for purchase at the designated bar areas. However, this could be pricey as mixed beverages and beer vary between $9 - $10 in average.

One thing I didn’t know, is that you have to buy a minimum of merch products from each queen, if you like to do their meet n’ greet. Prices vary between $10.00 - $30.00 per queen. Bottomline, if you like to take pictures and meet your favorite performers, be ready to have specifically prepared budget for this. Here’s a tip of some for the queens that I most enjoyed, it was totally worth what I had spent:

  • Morgan McMichaels - She offered complementary pins and water to everyone in line. She took the time to talk to me and was one of the nicest ones.
  • Valentina - There is a reason why she won “Fan Favorite”, I met her and she was so nice and even had a great conversation ( She LOVES Costa Rica btw). Her meet n greet was only $10.00 min purchase.

  • Bianca del Rio - Last but definitely not least. The queen of mean was the highlight for me. Always smiling and kind to everyone. She had a book signing on Saturday from 9:30 A.M til the of the convention the same day. You had the opportunity to meet her, by just purchasing her book, which was only $20.00. Also everyone in line had the opportunity of taking a photo with her free of charge.

At the end of the day, DragCon is a space for queens to meet their most avid supporters and also, to sell their products as most of these performers make their money out of gigs, tips and merch. Support your queens!

Believe me, even though I had the opportunity to meet the queens inside the press room, I did buy their products and shared great moments with them. We have to realize the products you purchase are all memories that you can take from this great experience.


4. The miss vanjie effect

We are about to finish season 10 and there's one phrase that will stick to us from now on. Ok repeat after me..... MISS VANJIE, MISS VAANJIE, MISS VAAAAANJIE. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo was the first eliminated queen of the season and seems to be in everyone's mouth. As you can see when you tune in every week there is some kind reference about her and Vanjie knows how to take advantage of it. She has an amazing personality which make her very hard to forget. Remember that is not about winning the battle, is about slaying the war - Alyssa Edwards-

Ok it’s time for dinner! Let’s talk about Miz Cracker. She was the sweetest and one of the most articulated people that I met at DragCon. She was funny as hell but also nice to everyone around her always with a fab comeback. Also she has proven during her season that fashion and comedy can coexist. A few minutes later I met the fashion editorial girl: Aquaria. She has such a mysterious presence that makes her more than just a pretty face. Her looks for me have some kind of darkness that I love and find intriguing. 


5. drag, a new hope

This space is a celebration for all the people whoever felt different or that did not feel quite right and had tried constantly to fit in. I can testify that I had this incredible sense of belonging as soon as I crossed the “Everybody say love”, sign at the LA Convention Center. At the end, we are family and need to continue to stick together to pursue global equality and to really fell as part of a fully inclusive society.

1 RuPaul's DragCon Ribbon Cutting 102 RuPaul_preview.jpeg

On a business standpoint, DragCon has been an outstanding opportunity for small entrepreneurs and consolidated brands, as they can offer their products not only to drag performers but to the public as well and most importantly expand their brand names.

Rupaul, World of Wonder and DragCon have brought drag back to mainstream society, and has caught the eyes of the viewers outside of the LGBTQ community, giving everyone a different perspective on drag; which is at the end, a different type of art. As RuPaul quoted “Seeing all the young people and families and queens has filled my heart with gratitude and hope. The future is going to be fierce.”

Thank you Dragcon for inviting me and to all the queens you are my heroes see you next year!

Guest Editor: Alejandro Monge. 


Luigi Lam

Movi Inc for World of Wonder

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