MBFWSJ17 Highlights

Helen Anthony

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week San José 2017

Behind the Scenes + Fav Looks

As you may know, London has always been one of my main influences and it’s a place that whenever I’m away from, just seems to find me.

During fashion week, being at the end of the runaway for hours is usually my job. But this year I left my camera aside and went backstage to work as an assistant to one of the guest designers on the last day.

Fashion designer Anthony - from Helen Anthony - contacted me days before his show to join his team along with the incredible art director and stylist Graham Cruz. And like Grace Coddington once said: “You need to make yourself felt and necessary”, which became my mantra.

When you work in fashion, or any job, you must learn how to try everything once, and maybe in an unknown area you can put new skills to the test, which can lead to a variety of opportunities for your business in the future.

As a photographer, I knew almost every model that day, so that made everything “easier” and I was able to avoid questions like, ‘What’s the name of this model?’ or ‘Can you try to find this person?’ as the clock is ticking. Also, any efficient assistant to any designer knows that resolving problems is your main task, so avoiding them before they happen is obviously the best solution and so being prepared really helps. 

I’m a firm believer that the real show is backstage but it’s also a place where hustle and bustle can make things go wrong, which makes that little space behind the curtain a “war zone”.  Dressers are key to making a successful fashion show run smoothly, and in my personal case even though it was the first time for some of them, they were amazing.

I realized by the end of this experience that I did everything except be a photographer, but finally I could put some of the things I learnt from directing and producing photoshoots to practice in a different environment. Luckily this allowed me to have a wider overview of what a show is and how every single person is necessary to reach a successful outcome.

Thank you, Anthony, Graham and the British Embassy in Costa Rica for this opportunity.


Designer: Helen Anthony

Stylist: Graham Cruz www.grahamcruz.com)

Shoes: Aldo Shoes Costa Rica

Photos provided by Juan Caliva (www.theclappinghands.com)