Luigi Lam is a Costa Rican photographer whose style has been described as eclectic, conceptual and sexual.  His work ranges from fashion to photoreportage, showing a versatility which has lead him to create not just stunning still images but artistic short films and insightful fashion articles.

Out of the variety of styles Luigi works with, male portrait, or more precisely the celebration of the masculine physique and aesthetic, is what best characterizes his portfolio.  Its moody and cinematic side, which epitomizes this area of fashion, can be seen throughout his work.

He started his professional career shooting a photoreportage for LA ZOUZE - by Christophe Haleb - a dance company from Marseille, France.  Since then Lam has worked with a wide range of artists, from fashion designers to film directors, creating not just images for their campaigns but also mini-movies for their brands.



Lam's first exhibition, Lujuria de la Memoria, took place in 2014 alongside contemporary jewelry designers such as Julieta Odio, Catalina Brenes and renowned artist Fabrizzio Acquafresca. 

Always in demand by a wide range of artists for his portraits and photographic direction, Lam continues to challenge and stimulate the senses with his work.